SoundExchange recently announced the collecting and distributing domestic and foreign private copy royalties.

As part of SoundExchange multi-year technology initiative centered on leveraging the use of data to streamline systems and increase efficiency across the music industry, SoundExchange recently announced the expansion of their operations to begin collecting and distributing domestic and foreign private copy royalties, a function of the music industry that had previously been performed by […]


ORLANDO, FL – On Saturday, May 29., Florida Songwriters Association will lead a virtual roundtable with Songwriters, Artists and Producers to meet us at the Roundtable. Florida Songwriters Association’s mission is to foster creative songwriting minds. We work with songwriters from all genres of music, ranging from professional to amateur, who are committed to protecting the […]

Florida Songwriters Association Showcase!

Florida Songwriters Association is excited to announce the launch of our new venture, the Florida Songwriters Association Showcase! You will have the opportunity to view our artists via streaming on the Studio Live USA stage each and every month. The live streaming event will be accessed via private invitation by A&R representatives, booking agents, managers, promoters, music […]

In Nashville’s Music Publishing Community, Song Pitching Goes Remote

There is no segment of the music industry that hasn’t been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic on some way over the past several weeks. Music tours have ground to a halt as venues large and small have shuttered in response to state ordinances, touring agencies have furloughed workers, and artist managers have scrambled to revamp […]

Songwriters, Self-Employed Music Workers Eligible for Relief in Federal Stimulus Bill

Songwriters, along with other “gig economy” workers in the music industry ranging from producers to roadies, will be eligible for grants and loans under the $2 trillion stimulus bill passed by the Senate in response to the coronavirus pandemic, the advocacy organizations Songwriters of North America and Nashville Songwriters Association International announced today. (The House […]


Amid growing international concern caused by the spread of Covid-19, we would like to reassure you that our commitment and service to our songwriters has not, and will not compromised. We are currently experiencing no disruption to any of our key service areas and are confident we have processes in place to deal with most […]

Pop radio in decline, streaming on the rise: How the coronavirus is changing what we listen to

As the coronavirus pandemic forces millions to work from home, commutes have disappeared. With them, the drive-time pop music and talk radio habits of many Americans have changed dramatically. Instead of listening in the car, people are calling on digital assistants like Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri to fire up some music while they cook. That’s not only affecting […]