Deborah Wolf

Founder and President of Praise Worthy Publishing

Deb Wolf is the founder and President of PraiseWorthy Publishing based on Tampa Bay, FL.  PraiseWorthy Publishing is a boutique music publisher with a vision to carry the message of hope to the world and bring dreams to life through music.  Although she is an award-winning songwriter herself and plays piano, guitar and clarinet, Deb has always had a passion for the business side of the music industry.  After attending the University of Georgia and graduating from Georgia State University in Business Management, Deb went back to school for her post-baccalaureate education in the Music Business and also gained further marketing education from Cornell. She has also worked in the corporate world as a leader in Fortune 50 companies such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi/Tropicana, and Verizon where she expanded her business and marketing experience which ultimately enabled her to pursue her music aspirations full-time. 

Deb was an active member and treasurer of the Atlanta Songwriter Association while in Georgia, spear-headed and led the Tampa Bay chapter of the Florida Christian Songwriters Association, is on the Board of Directors for ABM Music in L.A. and is a FOG member of the Guild of Music Supervisors.  She loves to help songwriters and artists take practical steps to fulfill their dreams and currently does this through publishing and placing songs in Film/TV/Advertising through PraiseWorthy Publishing.